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Will the Undead Ever Die?

Posted on March 3rd, 2011

Vampires are ubiquitous these days. Twilight, True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, Bloodline, Vampire Academy, House of Night, the list goes on. It has been thought that the blood lust must come to an end soon: surely before the release of the final instalment of Breaking Dawn, we will have tired of the fiends with fangs? But still the majority of scripts coming across editors’ desks these days involve paranormal romance. And if it isn’t vampires, it’s werewolves, or angels… These hooks make for a thrilling read, but should writers be looking further afield for inspiration?

It actually comes down to lead times… For a finished novel to become a finished book – for it to be sold, the contract negotiated, and then sent through production – it normally takes months. So writers may be responding to the thirst for all things vampiric now, but they should bear in mind that anything being written at the moment won’t hit the shelves for some time. So the message for today? Think ahead of the game. At some point the monster love movement will wane, and you don’t want your book to be left stranded in a genre that is dead, or more accurately, undead (the periodic resurgence of vampires throughout history suggests that in fact they will never really die).