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Really Lovely Booky Presents

Posted on May 20th, 2012

I am a bit lame when it comes to buying presents (sorry friends!). My default position is: buy a book. Cause that’s what I know about.

But sometimes I want to make a BIT more of an effort. So when a book is not enough, I look to these two rather wondrous companies.

1. Bookish Literary Gifts All related to literature in some way: scrabble, old masters, bookmarks, stationery and confetti made from printed pages. Their products are incredibly unusual, so you need not fear any trumping.

2. One Magpie Bespoke art, such as papercuts of a page from a selection of classics or even your own favourite book. These framed beauties are truly something special, and again, each one is unique.

OK, back to work now. No more online shopping!