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Posted on October 31st, 2013

There has been of flurry of smart quill authors getting agents and publishers recently… And interestingly, my first Australian client was one of them, being offered representation with Curtis Brown and a book deal with Random House.  Thrilling! So this month I have a quick fire interview with Hugh “Obi” O’Brien, author of Undaunted. His book is a personal account of experiences in the Special Forces with the Army’s counter-terrorism unit TAG (east) – a secretive team of divers and commandos, with the sole purpose of defending the domestic population from harm post 9-11.

What inspired you to write your book?

I was inspired to write Undaunted having finished a challenging career in the Australian Military as a Navy Clearance Diver, followed by a venture into the private military. I thought I could tell a story that might interest people and give them a look into a world they might not have otherwise known existed.

What did you find interesting about the process of working with an editor?

I found it incredible useful to work with an editor. The level of detail and attention that an editor can give helps turn a potentially indecipherable manuscript into a readable and noteworthy submission. The difference is massive.

 Do you have any tips for aspiring writers?

The only tip I have for aspiring writers is to simply work hard everyday and get something on the page. Then you can go back, chop, change and analyse to death everything you’ve done. Once you’ve taken it as far as you can, seek professional assistance so that it may be polished prior to any submission.

Thanks Hugh! Undaunted is due for publication in 2014, and it is a rip-roaring read. If you like military memoirs then this is certainly one to look out for.