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Rising Stars 2014

Posted on June 14th, 2014

Well, this is exciting! Smart Quill has been nominated as a publishing Rising Star for 2014! It was announced by In their own words, this is the annual run-down of the best and brightest young (and some not so young) guns in the industry. There was a particular focus this year on the evolution of job specs in the modern book trade. That is absolutely the mandate for Smart Quill, and it is particularly gratifying that so many others are thinking of news ways to connect up the industry. Amongst other Rising Stars there was the Managing Editor from Unbound (I love what they do), the founder from WoMentoring, and the next big threat to Amazon – Wordery.

I was asked to muse upon what I intended to achieve in the year ahead, and here is what I said: “Continuing to discover new and talented writers, and helping them to navigate the evolution of publishing platforms. Nothing beats the thrill of finding the perfect agent for submissions that show great promise.” True.

PS: Four Rising Stars won an award to go to the Frankfurt Book Fair in October – and Smart Quill is one of them! I’ve been asked to do a piece for FutureBook there, so do look out for it.