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Success Story Three

Posted on August 27th, 2014

Two published books came through simultaneously this month; both Smart Quill authors who have taken very different approaches to publishing. It is a wonderful thing that there are so many options open to writers in terms of connecting with readers. Both James and Tim were utterly committed to the editorial process, and it was a privilege to work with them both.

James Kamblin came to me in 2013 with a sci-fi novel; it was very long, yet intricate and compelling. I am more of a fan of fantasy than science-fiction, but this was a wholly developed world and so easy to fall into. James very wisely turned to Amazon to publish – with such a sterling reputation for launching the careers of Hugh Howey and Kass Morgan, it makes complete sense. FLEE THE BONDS is available at:

Tim Bradley was in fact my first client – in March 2012 we met and had several editorial consultations regarding a draft middle grade fiction, which eventually became ARNIE JENKS AND THE HOUSE OF STRANGERS. Tim knew when to give the novel space, so over a process of three years he has worked and reworked it. The end result is so polished – Tim secured a publishing deal with  Troubadour. Both ebook is and paperback are available. Have a look at the dedicated website to the book:

And again, at the risk of repeating myself, congratulations to both Vince and Tim; it takes courage and determination to see the publication process through to the end, and you have done it!