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Thoughts on a Fair

Posted on October 25th, 2014

Frankfurt Book Fair is amazing, exhausting, vast in scale, familiar in routine; year after year publishers, agents, scouts, packagers, distributors and anyone who has anything to do with paper bound with covers, or even just words in a sequence, descends upon this German city. The  beer is cold, the sausages are ever so slightly less cold, but the atmosphere buzzes with the excitement of books undiscovered and old friends reacquainted.

As an editorial consultant, working mainly with authors at the start of the process, there is never much cause for me to visit book fairs where deals on the end products are done. It is great for meeting people, but as a trade fair debut writers are not easily found. So this year I was extremely lucky to be invited to the Frankfurt Book Fair by the Bookseller. I packed my little bag, and a copy of Gone Girl, and off I flew.

I had lots of digital revelations there (see my piece for Future Book for full musings on the subject). I met new agents looking for new things, which is always encouraging. I saw Paulo Coelho and David Nicholls in conversation. And I  was invited to launch of the Taipei Book Fair. So it looks like Taiwan, 2015, here I come…