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LA Story of the Book Boutique

Posted on October 31st, 2015


A few years ago I decided to open an online boutique for books. Probably ebooks. I wasn’t really sure, and people instructed me with words like DRM, epub/mobi conversion, wordpress plugins, and tablet compatibility. It seemed a bit tech-heavy for me to pursue.

But when I moved to LA in March, the idea of the boutique was resurrected – with a new media perspective. I wanted to explore the process of book to film, as adaptations of “original source material” are having a bit of a Hollywood moment. And more importantly, I wanted there to be somewhere for authors to “go”, once the process of writing and revising was completed.

So I am delighted to announce the Smart Quill Boutique is now open for business! It is an exclusive online platform of the best unrepresented and undiscovered authors from the UK, the USA and Australia/New Zealand. It is accessible via password to literary agents, film/tv producers, managers, screenwriters, scouts, creative executives, directors, i.e. anyone who has a vested interest in stories. It will feature around six authors, writing fiction and non-fiction of various genres, and will be updated every season. (And Winter is coming.)

If you would like more information on the Boutique, it was covered by the Bookseller at Frankfurt Book Fair.