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The Authors Club at Soho House

Posted on November 30th, 2015

Part of the Smart Quill UK to US migration this year involved finding new writers with different voices. So I was delighted to be asked to run the Authors Club for Soho House West Hollywood. I have met people from hugely creative backgrounds – artists, producers, actors, and musicians – of course – but also nutritionists, yoga teachers, antique dealers, jewellery entrepreneurs, and United Nations IP experts.

This month House Seven Magazine interviewed me about the Authors Club for the members of Soho House. The link is closed, but I wanted to pull out a little extract:

“Philippa Donovan has a way with words. As the founder of literary consultancy agency Smart Quill, she’s worked with hundreds of fledging authors, guiding them through the process of penning their first book and connecting them with her extensive network of agents and publishers around the world.

“There are few publishers based here in LA, so you’re that much more removed from the conversation,” she explains. “My job is to make writers feel closer to the whole process.” While Donovan works with many writers who haven’t yet secured a publisher, many of her West Hollywood clients are skilled in other types of writing outside the literary world. “There are so many incredible writers here who are already highly evolved in film and TV,” adds Donovan, who’s Australian by birth but moved to Los Angeles from London earlier this year.

In a series of engaging workshops, Donovan imparts her advice to L.A.’s fledgling authors on everything from how to build a narrative to creative techniques and how to charter the publishing world’s muddy waters. Look out for her next workshop on November 29″  — Written by Leslie McKenzie

Happily the Authors Club will continue in 2016, along with workshops for The Hatchery and LA Writers Group and CBW LA.