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Unsung Hero Award 2016

Posted on February 29th, 2016

It is difficult to sing one’s own praises, but happily White Fox made some noise on my behalf this month. They voted Smart Quill an Unsung Publishing Hero for 2016.

The list of 25, in fields as diverse as design, production, editorial, agenting, and management, celebrates specialists working in-house or freelancing for the book publishing industry.

I am just going to lift the quote verbatim: “Philippa has tried to make SmartQuill as relevant and supportive as possible for authors who are interested in Hollywood, or Hollywood writers who are interested in becoming an author. At the end of the day, she helps all creative writers — both authors and screenwriters in the UK and US — to see that there are many options for their material to consider, and not just one narrow path”.

Well, I couldn’t have said it better myself, as this is precisely what I wanted to achieve in moving from London to LA. Providing some sort of fluidity both ways; so film/tv does not feel geographically distant from books; so author options feel expansive. Stories beget stories in any case, and I am lucky to be able to find them on both sides of the world.