Smart Quill Editorial About the Editor


Posted on March 15th, 2016



April is going to be a busy month! The Bologna and London Book Fairs have been placed right next to one another in the first two weeks. Normally rights people, publishers, agents, editors and everyone else have a at least a week to turn work around between the two. This year will be a marathon of physical stamina and vocal skills (almost everyone loses their voice).

Plus, I am one of four judges in Operation Thriller, a writing competition for Authors.Me (an extremely clever acquisitions platform) in conjunction with Reedsy (a freelance digital marketplace). It is an open call for writers of thriller fiction in both the US and the UK, with a minimum of 30 pages, and no registration fee! Increasingly competitions will run with an admin fee and I think this is a bit of a ruse. So I am absolutely delighted to be part of this talent scouting initiative, which requires nothing of entrants other than just that – talent. And the prize clocks up to about $3000, including some cash.